Flyouts v1.4.2 – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress

Download Free Flyouts v1.4.2 – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress

Flyouts – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress Free Download v.1.4.2 – CodeCanyon | Flyouts v1.4.2 – Off Canvas Custom Content for WordPress known as BNE Flyouts is a WordPress premium plugin that adds secret content that is seen by pressing or sliding through the contents of your website. Any type of content including contact form, social connection, testimonial, picture, social feed, viewing banner, customized menus, profile or customized data can be displayed by flyouts and “panels” by using a shortcode generated elsewhere. There are infinite possibilities!

Unlimited Flyouts From Any Side

On all four sides of the browser window Flyout Triggers and panels could be mounted. As many as you want can be made. The triggers can be concealed or displayed by floating buttons and images depending on the screen size. You can also make a flyout on any element in the content of your page such as theme, connection, picture, etc. You can use the given class names.

Slide or Push to Show

The contents of each flyout may be either “push” or “slid” on either side of the page. Use what’s best to build or style your theme.

Set the Size for Each Flyout

The size of any flyout can be set – left and right width, top and bottom height. Was it too big on cell phones worried? Do not be concerned, if the scale is larger than the screen, the max width/height will automatically be 100 percent.

Style each Flyout Individually

Make every flyout special in style and design for your personality or website. The background can be styled using a solid color or picture, including font color adjustment.

Trigger From Anywhere

Each Flyout Plugin is filled with a unique class name that allows you to activate any item on your website. This can be a mobile navigation button, a graphic, a theme, or even a connection to the menu. The class name on your item is all you need to do.

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