Clever WooCommerce Product Filter 1.0.6

Clever WooCommerce Product Filter Nulled increase conversions by making the product search easier and suitable for your customers’ needs.

Clever WooCommerce Product Filter Features

  • Products searching by AJAX
    Allows filter WooCommerce products without page reloading. Works for 95% WordPress themes and should be tested before release to the production site as it depends of the current WordPress theme functionality and integrated html code there
  • Price Range
    Super fast range of price with just one click. Any number of elements with your limits. Don’t lose items from the loop. Use last item to the infinity.
  • WooCommerce Products text search
    By title, content, excerpt and their combinations. It is possible to use special shortcode [cwpf_text_filter] which you can insert in the place you want.
  • Ranger Slider
    Available for prices and taxonomies, including attributes. Use numerical ranges in your filters. Do you have height, width or diameter attributes? Show them with a slider and your users will thank you.
  • Color Boxes
    Some color names are too fancy. Visual representation is much better than attempts to describe colors
  • Filter with Images
    Your site can look professional and easy to use with custom images for the filters
  • Categories Tree
    Hide the categories mess and show users only what they really need
  • Search Products by SKU
    Allows filtering your shop products site by SKU as part of the big search form, so as the special shortcode [cwpf_sku_filter]
  • Dynamic Products Recount
    This powerful feature allows to display in the search form how many relevant variants will be found if to click selected html-element in the filter search form
  • Full Customization
    Customize filter terms, thumbnails, colors, checkbox layouts, select box, and more!
  • Light Weight
    Optimized for super fast loading. No messy codes or extra assets.​
  • Translation Ready
    The CWPF is a translation ready plugin that can be translated in the language of your own.
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